A Love of Drawing is stationary company based in New York that was founded by illustrator and designer Danielle Sladek and her husband Karel Sladek in 2012. Her illustrations and themes of family, holiday, animals, and travel are featured on greeting cards as well as prints. As an illustrator she aims to produce cards that celebrate our differences and give people a wider selection to choose from without having to compromise.


Who doesn't want to have fun with what they do? Danielle always knew she wanted the type of job that would allow her to have fun and to love what she does. Being an artist allows her just that! While working as a freelance illustrator and designer she was also looking for an additional creative outlet. Etsy allowed her just that and the fact that she can create illustrations for cards and sell them for people to enjoy worldwide has become both satisfying and rewarding.


From beginning to end A Love of Drawing is involved in the entire process of their cards! From the initial idea, to drawing, scanning, printing! It is what makes it fun for them and one of a kind for you.